About Rick Belden - Hiking Trails in ColoradoI grew up in Oregon and Washington, mostly on farms, and my family was always active doing something in the Great Northwest but I don’t remember hiking or backpacking until around 1980 up at Diamond Lake, Oregon. That was also the first time I nearly had a serious injury while hiking.

Growing up in the Northwest brought thousands of wonderful memories. This is where my love of the mountains, clear rivers, beautiful blue lakes and cascading waterfalls began.

My first overnight backpacking trip was in 1996, just north of Red River, New Mexico. We started our trip in Oklahoma City and this was the beginning of my research into hiking and what gear I needed to make a successful and enjoyable trip. This trip was filled with incredible memories and laughs as our group of four courageous hikers developed a lasting friendship, forged in the northern mountains of New Mexico.

Since that first trip to Red River, New Mexico, I have planned hiking and backpacking trips back to New Mexico, but have also added trips to Missouri, Arkansas and Colorado. Mostly, I have gone on trips with co-workers, usually every other year, and my son and nephews. My daughter was younger and afraid of anything dirty until about 4 years ago and that is when we started adding her to our regular group of hiking buddies.

I recently moved to Colorado, which I absolutely love, and have started exploring trails all around Colorado. It is so nice to have thousands upon thousands of trails to choose from and having them in my back yard makes it easy to get away to the mountains each weekend and also many times during the week.

I would love to share many of my hiking trips with you so you can see how easy it is for anyone to get out and start enjoying the Rocky Mountains. You can see all the trails we have hiked around Colorado on my home page, Hiking Trails in Colorado to see the incredible Rocky Mountains.


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