Hiking Trails in Colorado 2019 in Review

Hiking Trails in Colorado 2019 in Review

2019 has flow by and here are some incredible pictures from this last year.

Bluff Regional Park Trail

Bluffs Regional Park TrailBluffs Regional Park Trail

Elk Meadow Trail

Elk Meadow TrailElk Meadow Trail

Flattop Mountain Trail

Bear LakeLongs Peak

Mount Herman Loop

Mount Herman Loop

Tanglewood Trail

Tanglewood TrailTanglewood Trail

Inner Canyon Loop Trail

Inner Canyon Loop TrailInner Canyon Loop Trail

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the GodsSiamese Twins

Eagle Cliffs

Eagle CliffsEagle Cliffs

Homestead & Mesa Trail

Homestead and Mesa TrailHomestead and Mesa Trail

Legault Mountain Trail

Legault Mountain TrailLegault Mountain Trail

Ridgeline Open Space Trail

Ridgeline Open Space Trail

Chief Mountain Trail

Chief Mountain TrailChief Mountain Trail

Bald Mountain Loop

Pikes PeakBald Mountain Loop

Mount Falcon

Mount Falcon LoopMount Falcon Loop

Spruce Mountain Trail

Spruce Mountain TrailSpruce Mountain Trail

Castle Rock Trail

Castle Rock TrailPikes Peak from Castle Rock

Badger Mountain Trail

Badger Mountain TrailBadger Mountain Trail

Dawson Butte Ranch Open Space Trail

Dawson Butte Ranch Open Space TrailDawson Butte Ranch Open Space Trail

Racoon Trail

Raccoon TrailRaccoon Trail

Chautauqua Mountain Loop

Chautauqua Mountain LoopChautauqua Mountain Loop

South Rim Loop

South Rim LoopSouth Rim Loop

Arkansas River Canyon Rim Trail

Arkansas River Canyon Rim TrailRoyal Gorge

Hidden Mesa Trail

Hidden Mesa TrailHidden Mesa Trail

Roaring Creek Trail

Roaring Creek TrailDrive to Roaring Creek Trail

You can see a great video of all these trails below.

Click HERE if you would like to see a map with all of these trails listed in Colorado.

I would love to see what trails you like in Colorado if you will leave it in a Comment Below or send me an Email.


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10 thoughts on “Hiking Trails in Colorado 2019 in Review”

  1. WOW!!  Fantastic scenes you have captured of the trail in Colorado.  Hard to say what one I liked the best, maybe Garden of Gods and the video. I have never been to Colorado, but after seeing the pictures I want to include it on my bucket list of things to do.  Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to seeing more when you do 2020 in review!

    1. I am looking forward to 2020 and plan on hiking at least twice what I did in 2019.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and video.


  2. Hello there,thanks for taking out time to get for the public. Is it very informative and interesting too. Hiking is one of the most entertaining and leisure sport on can embark  on and Colorado has one of the best and popular hiking trails in the world. I have been on some of them and I must tell you it was great.

    1. Thank you for the thumbs up and your experience on the trails in Colorado. 

      There is so much I have seen this year and more to come in 2020.


  3. While going on Colorado hiking trails we must enjoy Bluff Regional Park Trail , Elk Meadow Trail & Flattop Mountain Trail. I found their are much beautiful trail. Bald Mountain Loop is very beautiful for everyone. Your guide helped me a lot to know about Colorado. Each image plays an important role to make our trail more beautiful. Keep the grate work up for everyone like me.

    1. You are very welcome. I think I am the one who has had the greater enjoyment though, even if it hurts to hike some of these trails.


  4. Hey, I enjoyed reading and watching your hiking trails in Colorado. Your picture collection is very awesome for everyone like me. You have taken all beautiful shots on the trails. The video on your Colorado trails is also awesome for me. You provide each shot with a unique and beautiful image. I like it very much. I hope everyone enjoys hiking the trails in Colorado. 

    1. I’m so glad you liked it. I love living here and experiencing all of the outdoor activities and I always look forward to sharing them with friends.


  5. Fluffy Duck Studios

    Rick, what a fantastic photo log you have created here. The sheer size and diversity of the landscape is breathtaking.  I particularly liked the Arkansas River canyon bridge – would definitely make that one of my first trails to do.

    Given some of the trails are in alpine country (more so than others), would you recommend doing these in summer months or do you think that would take away from the majesty of the whole Colorado hiking experience?

    1. I’m glad you like the photos of 2019.

      Your question is challenging to answer but I’ll give it a shot.

      Overall, for most people, the summer months offer the best hiking and you will still see some snow at the higher elevations.

      Some of the incredible views are improved with the snow, rocks and blue skies. I personally love the fall months, especially October, when the aspens are turning yellow.

      I would try some hikes in all of the seasons but just make sure your ready with the right gear, especially in the winter months.


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