Hiking Trails in Colorado | Legault Mountain Trail

Trail Information

Trail Name: Legault Mountain TrailHiking Trails in Colorado Legault Mountain Trail

Location: Near Aspen Park, Colorado

Date: November 6, 2019

Time at the Trail Head: 6:30 am

Trail Length: 5.2 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,233 feet

Elev. at Trail Head: 7,850 feet

# of Hikers Passed: 27

# of Mnt. Bikers Passed: 0

# of Horses Passed: 0

Mosquitoes: 0

Trail Research

I started my search in the foothills near Denver, using AllTrails, as we have recently had a 3-day snow storm and I have yet to be prepared for hikes with any significant snow. I have always loved the scenery near Aspen Park so I focused on the area around Turkey Creek Road and found the Legault Mountain Trail.Hiking Trails in Colorado Legault Mountain Trail

This trail is listed as moderate and is an out and back trail, starting at an elevation of 7,850 feet. I am hiking this mid week, early in the morning, and I wanted a reasonably short trail so I could get back to the office no later than 11:00 am. You can see there are several loops that you can take on the trail to vary the hike, and I will be taking the other directions on the way back down the trail.

Drive to the Trail

I left Parker, Colorado (south side of Denver) at 5:45 am in order to start my hike at day break. The sun had just started to lighten the sky in the east as I entered the foothills of the Rockies on the way to the trailhead at Turkey Creek Road and Meyer Ranch Park, near Aspen Park, Colorado.

Drive Into the Rocky Mountains

It’s a nice drive in, early in the morning through Denver, as the traffic is light and you can see the outline of the Rockies in the distance. I always enjoy driving up US-285 from Denver because you immediately start climbing and know you’re in the Rockies and I always look forward to winding through the steep mountains as the forest of pine trees starts to thicken.

Drive to the Trailhead

My Day on the Trail

The trailhead is right off the highway at Turkey Creek Road, so I knew I as going to have to listen to the traffic noise for the first half mile. It is a nice parking area but there are no restrooms available so make sure to stop in Denver or go on a few more miles to Aspen Park or Conifer if you need to use a restroom (Correction – there are no restrooms at the trailhead but there are some several hundred yards up the trail.

Legault Mountain Trailhead

Facilities on the Legault Mountain Trail

The trailhead is always full in the summers and pretty much on any nice weekend, so getting up early is nice so you don’t have to wonder if you will find a parking spot.

I immediately saw that there would be packed snow on the trail for most of the hike and I started wishing I had bought my Yaktrax and Trekking poles before this hike.

LEKI Micro Vario Carbon Trekking Pole Pair - 110-130 Blue
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  • Air-textured "no bulk" security strap maintains design dimensions of grip; efficient wicking and fast drying; adjusts and secures strap adjustment without buckles. Extended foam grip for traversing and climbing. SPEEDLOCK 2 lever locking mechanism is simply THE strongest external locking system in the world as rated by TUV, and the only locking systems to meet the minimum holding force recommended by TUV.
  • 100% High Modulus Carbon shaft sections for reliable, lightweight performance in all conditions. PE coated, Kevlar reinforced tension cord for long term reliability. ELD (External Locking Device) gives easy access to release the assembly tension of the pole for quick knock down and packing. Maximum tension between shaft sections made possible by internal (serviceable) spring in lower shaft.
  • Carbon section ends are protected by machined Aluminum sleeves for extra long wear. Machined Aluminum connectors help to center shaft sections for quick, snag free assembly. LEKI's original Carbide Flextips provide secure hold on all terrain and surfaces for years of adventure; easily replaced in the field.
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Hiking Trails in Colorado | Legault Mountain Trail | Packed Snow on Trail

There are several trail intersections on this hike so I recommend you use AllTrails to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

The trail is mostly in the woods for the majority of the hike. I love forests but I was wishing I could get an opening in the trees to see some mountain scenery. I was starting to wonder if I would get a good view when things started to open up and change.

Hiking Trails in Colorado | Legault Mountain Trail

Hiking Trails in Colorado | Legault Mountain Trail

Things were really starting to get interesting now and my hopes started rising that the hike was going to be spectacular. I had seen multiple dog tracks in the area but I also saw a lot of deer tracks and others that I am not sure of, but made me pay attention to what I might be running into.

Legault Mountain Trail | Animal Tradk

This track made me wish I was with a group of hikers, instead of going alone.

Soon after I saw the track (which I thought may be a bear track) the scenery started becoming magnificent. I was wishing I had a more extensive vocabulary to describe what I witnessed this day.

Hiking Trails in Colorado | Legault Mountain Trail

I literally have hundreds of pictures and but I can only show you what I believe are the best ones here.

Legault Mountain Scenery

Legault Mountain Scenery

Legault Mountain Scenery

Legault Mountain Scenery

Legault Mountain Scenery

Legault Mountain Scenery

I hope you enjoy this panorama as much as I did.

Legault Mountain Scenery

Legault Mountain SceneryThis photo is looking towards the south to Pikes Peak, near Colorado Springs.

Legault Mountain Scenery

It was hard for me to come down off this mountain. This was some of the prettiest scenery I have seen in Colorado since I have moved here.

The hike back down the trail was treacherous to say the least. I fell four times due to the icy packed trail. On one of the falls, I fell on my left arm and heard a pop in my left shoulder. My shoulder still hurts a day later and I know I have injured it. Here’s a look at what I had to deal with.Legault Mountain Trail - Icy Conditions

Remember when I said earlier that I wished I had those Yaktrax and Trekking poles. I’m pretty confident I wouldn’t have fallen even once if I had been better prepared.

ICETrekkers Diamond Grip Traction Cleats (1 Pair), X-Large (Men's 13), Black
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  • Made of case-hardened steel alloy and strung on steel aircraft cable
  • Riveted to tough rubber sling that fits tennis shoes, boots and dress shoes
  • Sling remains elastic even in subzero temperatures to keep grips secure
  • Self-clearing design prevents snow and ice buildup

After nearly arriving back at the trailhead, you will see some nice scenery of meadows and the surrounding mountains.

Legault Mountain Trail Meadow

This was one incredible trail and I loved every minute of it…except for sliding down the mountain and taking some nice falls.

Take a look at the YouTube video of my Hike at the Legault Mountain Trail.

Trail Recommendations

I have only one thing to say about this trail. You need to see the scenery from Legault Mountain and make a plan to come and see it.

Lessons Learned

This is a painful section for me to write about, literally. I had trouble sleeping with my injured shoulder and it hurts to move it much a day later.

Here are my suggestions for things to have when hiking on a trail with snow, even if the snow isn’t deep:


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  • PURCHASE, ACTIVATE, EXPLORE: Grab a Spot X 2-way Satellite Messenger; Activate by selecting your service plan; Get out there and explore the world with peace of mind

These are just the minimum recommendations, besides the typical things you should take on a hike.

Trail Friends

I had the good fortune of meeting a fun group of hikers on my way back down Legault Mountain. Of course, they all had Yaktrax on and had Trekking poles…every one of them.

They were from the Colorado Mountain Club and you can learn more about them here at cmc.org.

They actually taught me a few things in those few minutes I talked with them.

  • Always have Yaktrax on a trail with snow and ice.
  • Always have Trekking poles
  • Never hike alone
  • Know where your whistle is…mine was on my pack, in front of my face and I didn’t know it.

It’s sad to think you’re pretty good at hiking and then be told and shown some things that should have been painfully obvious.

Legault Mountain Tail Looking Towards Mount Evans

I hope you have enjoyed experiencing this trail with me. Please leave a Comment Below or Email Me if you have any questions.

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  • Easy Access from Denver
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  1. Your blogs are such a pleasure to read and watch. I’ve nevered travelled to these parts, but I enjoy hiking as well. I can only say you are very brave going all alone, considering all the wild animals wondering around. I guess it is always worth it for us, when we finish our trip and then see all the amazing landscapes and the pictures we took. I enjoy recording and photography while I am on my hiking trips as well.

    I will bookmark your blog for future posts.

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    • Thank you for the nice comments on the article. I do need to go with a hiking buddy but sometimes no one is available and I can’t wait to go hiking, so I tell my family and friends where I’m going, attach my Emergency Satellite Messenger (ESM) and head out to the trail. I just started using the SPOT X, which is a 2-way satellite messenger, with a unique cell phone number so it is easier for me to call for help if I really needed it.

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